LEONARDO GLASS Biofireplace. FD94 Bio fireplaces ethanol fireplace

FD94 Black Glass v0

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Hight: 40 cm
Width: 110 cm
Depth:15 cm

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The Ethanol24 bio-fireplace will your house a warm, elegant and most welcoming atmosphere.

Ethanol24 produces bio-fireplaces that are simple to use and install, realised in resistant, rust proof, metals of the best quality in order to last for years; this quality is guaranteed by the fact that we are and have been the producers for years, availing ourselves of the long time experience of our technicians and architects.

It is possible to hang them on the wall as if they were frames, with plugs that we provide, or to realise them built in the wall.
The product arrived already assembled.
Compared to a traditional fireplace, the bio-fireplace Ethanol24 is much more efficient, in the sense that the majority of energy produced is transformed in more heat.

The fuel used is bio-ethanol, a 100% natural combustible.

The bio-ethanol's cost is equivalent, in terms of timings, to that of wood for the traditional fireplace, without the unpleasant inconvenients of stoking up the wood, of soiling, dusting and sooting.

The Enthanol24 fireplace can be used either with bio-ethanol gel or with standard bio-ethanol.
It doesn't need the exhaust pipe.
It doesn't need to be linked up to the electric system or to the gas system.
It doesn't produce smoke.
It doesn't produce ash.
It doesn't leave any unpleasant odour.

The dimensions are the following:
Hight: 40 cm
Width: 110 cm
Depth:15 cm

The model LEONARDO FD 94 GLASS   is ideal for small ambiance, down from  20 to 60 squared metres, assemble two professional, steel, adjustable burner.
The model LEONARDO FD 94 GLASS assemble a protective glass in front.
The burners have a capacity of 1,5 lt. ( 3,0 lt totals)

All the Ethanol24 fireplaces are geared with INOX steel burner (and not in aluminum as the other products in commerce) and are distinguished by an exclusive design that make them resistant to high temperatures.

Only who produces directly as Ethanol24, recognises the importance of materials' quality!!

All products provide 24 months warranty.

Available in following colours: black, red, white, inox silver.

For this model, the replaced frame is available on demand in all the listed colours. The frame's purchase will allow you to change your biofireplace's appearance and your flat's ambiance every time you want with minimum cost and extreme ease.